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An attorney in Ohio has been sentenced to five days in jail after refusing to remove her Black Lives Matter pin at the request of the judge, who found it too political and provocative for the courtroom.

Attorney Andrea Burton was found in contempt of court by Youngstown Municipal Court Judge Robert Milich and sentenced to five days in jail for refusing to accept his request to remove the pin.

Milich told the court he found that by Burton choosing to wear it in court, she was making a political statement, which the court prohibits.

Burton will avoid spending time behind bars for the moment, however, after lodging an appeal against the judge’s ruling but she mustn’t wear the pin in court until the appeal takes place.

If she loses her appeal, Burton will have to serve the five days in jail, according to WKBN.

Milich explained that his decision was based on the 1997 US Supreme Court case Berner v. Delahanty, which found that “lawyers have no absolute right to wear such feelings on their sleeves” and that a judge’s “policy of prohibiting all political pins is a reasonable means of ensuring the appearance of fairness and impartiality in the courtroom.”

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