© Brendan McDermid

One of the most American foods could also be one of the most human. A food testing authority using cutting-edge genetic testing has found human DNA in some samples of hot dogs, and meat was found in a shocking number of vegetarian substitutes.

Clear Food, a company that genetically tests food products, analyzed 345 hot dogs and sausages from 75 different brands, and found that 14 percent had hygienic issues or had ingredients that were not displayed on the product label.

Two percent of the samples tested positive for human DNA, and a whopping 66 percent of vegetarian hot dogs contained evidence of such contamination.

“One thing’s certain: questions about the hot dog are as old as the hot dog itself. And they’re not wholly unwarranted,” the report said.

Other shocking findings involved vegetarian meat substitute products. Ten percent of vegetarian hot dogs and sausages were found to contain meat.  Evidence of chicken was found in 10 samples, beef in four samples, turkey in three samples, and lamb in two samples that were supposed to be meat-free.

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