While trolling through internet sites, I came across this article about a 1500 year old bible that was recently discovered when some smugglers were caught.  This new “bible” had some interesting things in it (note I have not actually read this bible) according to this article.  Several things caught attention.  According to this “bible”, Yahshuah, was not actually crucified, but rather ascended into Heaven, ALIVE.  Another interesting piece is supposedly, Yahshuah, speaks on the birth on Muhammad.


This discovery turns modern Christianity on its head! This bible, dating as far back as 2,000 years, details the Gospel of Barnabas, a disciple of Jesus Christ, which shows that Jesus wasn’t actually crucified and doesn’t claim him to be the son of God, but instead a prophet. The book charges that Apostle Paul was “The Impostor.” The story is completely different. In the Book of Barnabas, Jesus wasn’t crucified, but ascended to heaven alive, and Judas Iscariot was crucified instead.

The National Turk issued a report saying that the bible was seized from smugglers is a Mediterranean operation. The report states the gang was charged with smuggling a variety of things, such as antiques, illegal excavations and even explosives. The book is valued at around $28 million. That’s quite the find!

Experts and Authorities in Tehran insist that the book is authentic. It’s written in gold lettering on loosely tied leather in Aramaic, the language of Christ.

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