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9 Huge Government Conspiracies That Actually Happened

9 Huge Government Conspiracies That Actually Happened

We all know the conspiracy theories — the government’s plan for 911, the  second gunman who shot JFK, the evolution of the elite from a race of  blood-drinking, shape-shifting lizards.

But the people who spread these ideas usually can’t prove them.

As the years pass, however, secrets surface. Government documents become  declassified. We now have evidence of certain elaborate government schemes right  here in the U.S. of A.

Prohibition Research Committee

AP Photo

The Prohibition Research Committee, pictured above, traveled  the country trying to find one “drunk” reformed by the legislation.


1. The U.S. Department of the Treasury poisoned alcohol during  Prohibition — and people died.

The 18th Amendment, which took effect in January 1920, banned the  manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol — but not consumption. Despite  the government’s efforts, alcoholism actually skyrocketed during the era.

To keep up with America’s thirst, bootleggers not only created their own  alcohol but also stole industrial versions, rendered undrinkable by  the inclusion of certain chemicals (namely methyl alcohol). Liquor syndicates  then employed chemists to “re-nature” the alcohol once again, making it safe for  consumption, according to Deborah Blum, author of “The Poisoner’s Handbook: Murder and the Birth of Forensic  Medicine in Jazz Age New York.”

By mid-1927, however, the U.S. government added much deadlier chemicals — kerosene, chloroform, and acetone among those most well known — which made  alcohol more difficult to render consumable again. Adding 10% more methyl  alcohol caused the worst efforts.

Although New York City’s chief medical examiner, Charles Norris, tried to  publicize the dangers, in 1926, poisonous alcohol killed 400 in the city.  The next year, 700 died.

Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

Wikimedia Commons

A doctor administers an injection to one of the Tuskegee  patients.



2. The U.S. Public Health Service lied about treating black men with  syphilis for more than 40 years.

In 1932, the Public Health  Service collaborated with the Tuskegee Institute to record the history of  syphilis in the black male community, hoping to justify a treatment  program.

Called the Tuskegee Study  of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, the  study initially included 600 black men — 399 with  the disease and 201 without. While the men were told they would receive  treatment, however, the researchers never provided adequate treatment for the  disease. Even  when penicillin became the preferred and available treatment for syphilis,  researchers kept their subjects in the dark.

Although originally planned to last only six months, the experiment continued  for 40 years. Finally, in 1972, an Associated Press article prompted public  outrage and a subsequent investigation. A government advisory panel deemed the  study “ethically irresponsible” and research ended almost immediately.

As a result, the government settled a class-action lawsuit out of court in  1974 for $10 million and lifetime health benefits for all participants, the last  of whom died in 2004.

Jonas Salk Polio Vaccine

Wikimedia Commons

Jonas Salk, who created the inactivated polio vaccine in  1955.


3. More than 100 million Americans received a polio vaccine  contaminated with a potentially cancer-causing virus.

From 1954 to 1961, simian virus 40 (SV40) somehow showed up  in polio  vaccines, according to the American  Journal of Cancer. Researchers estimate 98 million people in the U.S. and  even more worldwide received contaminated inoculations.

Jonas  Salk, known creator of the inactivated polio vaccine, used cells from rhesus  monkeys infected with SV40, according to president of the National Vaccine  Information Center Barbara Fisher, who testified before the Subcommittee on Human Rights and Wellness  in the U.S. House of Representatives on this matter in 2003, after  researching the situation for 10 years.

The federal government changed oral vaccine stipulations in 1961 — which  didn’t include Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine — specifically citing SV40. But  medical professionals continued to administer tainted vaccines until 1963,  according to Michael E. Horwin writing for the Albany Law  Journal of Science and Technology in 2003. And even after 1961, the  American Journal of Cancer found contaminated oral vaccines.

Although researchers know SV40 causes cancer in animals, opinions vary on a direct link  between the virus and cancer in humans. Independent studies, however, have identified  SV40 in brain and lung tumors of children and adults.

The Centers for Disease Control did post a fact sheet acknowledging the  presence of SV40 in polio vaccines but has since removed it, according to Medical Daily.

photo from Gulf of Tonkin

Wikimedia Commons

A photo of three Vietnamese boats taken from the USS Maddox  (on Aug. 2).


4. Parts of the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which led to U.S.  intervention in Vietnam, never happened.

After evading a torpedo attack, the USS Maddox  reportedly engaged three North Vietnamese boats in the Gulf of Tonkin on both  Aug. 2 and 4, 1964, according to the Pentagon  Papers. Although without U.S. casualties, the events prompted Congress to  pass a resolution allowing President Lyndon John to intervene in the  Southeast.

Talk of Tonkin’s status as a “false  flag” for U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War has permeated public discourse  almost since the time of the attacks, especially after the government admitted  that the second incident may have involved false radar  images.

But after resisting  comment for decades, the National Security Agency finally declassified  documents in 2005,  admitting the incident on Aug. 4 never happened at all.

Those involved didn’t  necessarily intend to cover-up the incident to propagate a war. But the evidence  does suggest “an active effort to make SIGINT fit the claim of what  happened during the evening of 4 August in the Gulf of Tonkin,”according  to NSA historian Robert J. Hanyok.

Fidel Castro

Wikimedia Commons

Fidel Castro speaking in Havana in 1978.


5. Military leaders reportedly planned terrorist attacks in the  U.S. to drum up support for a war against Cuba.

In 1962, the joint chiefs-of-staff approved Operation  Northwoods, a covert plan to create support for a war in Cuba that  would oust communist leader Fidel Castro.

Declassified government documents show considerations included: host funerals  for “mock-victims,” “start rumors (many),” and “blow up a U.S. ship in  Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.” They even suggested somehow pinning John Glenn’s  potential death, should his rocket explode, on communists in Cuba.

The advisors presented the plan to President Kennedy’s Secretary of Defense  Robert McNamara, according to investigative journalist James Bamford’s  book, “Body of Secrets.” We don’t know whether McNamara  immediately refused, but a few days later, Kennedy told Army Gen. Lyman L.  Lemnitzer, the plan’s poo-bah, that the U.S. would never use overt force to take  Cuba.

A few months later, Lemnitzer lost his position.

“There really was a worry at the time about the military going off  crazy and they did, but they never succeeded, but it wasn’t for lack of trying,”  Bamford told ABC  News.

Ken Kesey One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Wikimedia Commons

Ken Kesey, author of “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest,”  voluntarily participated in Project MKUltra.


6. The government tested the effects of LSD on unwitting U.S. and  Canadian citizens.

Under the code name “MKUltra,” the U.S. government ran a human-research  operation within the CIA’s Scientific Research Division. Researchers tested the  effects of hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, torture, and most  memorably, LSD, on U.S. and Canadian citizens. Most had no idea.

To conduct these experiments, the CIA paid prisons, hospitals, and other  institutions to keep quiet. The department even enticed heroin addicts to  participate by offering them heroin, according to documents from a joint hearing to subcommittees  of Congress, where President Kennedy spoke.

That day, he regaled Congress with “chilling testimony.” Over 30  universities became involved in various studies. Notably,  many  lacked oversight by medical or scientific professionals. At least one  participant, Frank  Olsen,  died, reportedly from suicide after unknowingly ingesting LSD.

In January 1973, then CIA Director Richard Helms ordered the destruction of  all documents pertaining to MKUltra. When Congress looked into the matter, no  one, not even Helms, could “remember” details. Through a Freedom of Information  Act (FOIA) request, more documents were located, but the full timeline remains  incomplete.

The events inspired investigative journalist Jon Ronson’s best-selling book, “The Men Who Stare At Goats,” now a movie of the same title  starring George Clooney.

Glomar Explorer Project Azorian

Wikimedia Commons

The Hughes Glomar Explorer, the recovery ship designed for  Project Azorian.


7. In 1974, the CIA secretly resurfaced a sunken Soviet submarine  with three nuclear-armed ballistic missiles.

The CIA’s secret “Project Azorian” aimed to raise a sunken  Soviet submarine from the floor of the Pacific Ocean to retrieve three  nuclear-armed ballistic missiles, each carrying a one megaton nuclear  warhead.

With President Nixon’s approval, CIA director Richard Helms placed all the  plans in a secret file called “Jennifer,” thus keeping the information from  everyone but a select number of government officials.

After a FOIA, the NSA finally published an article from the CIA’s in-house  journal, Studies in Intelligence, revealing that the department  succeeded in resurfacing portions of the sub, named K-129.

The CIA redacted text in these documents that prevent determining the  operation’s exact level of success, but the crew of the Glomar Explorer, the  recovery ship, did haul contents to Hawaii for unloading.

Reagan Iran Contra Scandal

Wikimedia Commons


8. The U.S. government sold weapons to Iran, violating an embargo, and used  the money to support Nicaraguan militants.

In 1985, senior officials in the Reagan administration facilitated the sale  of arms to Iran, then under embargo. The government, with the National Security  Council’s Oliver North acting as a key player, later used the profits  to fund the Contras, anti-communist rebels, in Nicaragua.

The whole situation began with seven American hostages taken by a hostile group in Lebanon with ties to Iran. Through an elaborate exchange involving Israel, the U.S. planned to sell weapons to Iran in exchange for the hostages’ freedom. The situation quickly derailed, although the Lebanese did release all but two hostages.

After a leak from an Iranian, the situation finally came to light in  1986. After repeatedly denying any involvement, the Reagan administration  underwent 41 days of congressional hearings, according to Brown University’s research project on the  scandal. They subpoenaed government documents as early as 1981 and forced  declassification of others.

Reagan’s involvement in  and even knowledge of the situation remains unclear. The hearings never labeled  the sale of weapons to Iran a criminal offense, but some officials faced charges  for supporting the Contras. The administration, however, refused to declassify  certain documents, forcing Congress to drop them.

Nayirah C-SPAN




9. A public relations firm organized congressional testimony that  propelled U.S. involvement in the Persian Gulf War.

In 1990, a 15-year-old Kuwaiti girl identified only as “Nayirah” testified  before Congress that she witnessed Iraqi soldiers pulling infants from their  incubators at a hospital and tossing them to the ground to die.

A later investigation revealed that PR giant Hill & Knowlton arranged her  testimony for a client, Kuwaiti-sponsored Citizens for a Free Kuwait, and  furthermore that Nayirah was the daughter of Kuwait’s Ambassador to the U.S.,  according to The New York Times.

Tom Lantos, a representative from California who co-founded the committee  that heard Nayirah, coordinated the whole thing. Perhaps not coincidentally, his  committee rented space in the PR firm’s headquarters at a reduced  rate. Citizens for a Free Kuwait would go on to donate money to  foundations with ties to said committee sometime after Iraq’s invasion of  Kuwait.

At first, Amnesty International affirmed the girl’s testimony. But  after reinvestigation, the group and other human rights organizations switched  positions. They didn’t necessarily question the accuracy, just her withheld  bias.

Nayirah’s testimony helped build support for the Persian Gulf War,  though Congress would have likely pursued involvement without her  words.

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Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?

Chemtrail Flu: Have You Got It Yet?

via Rise Earth

You’re sick. Your nose is stuffy. Your body aches, You’re sweaty, coughing, sneezing and you don’t have enough energy to get out of bed.

It’s not the flu. It’s a conspiracy, according to Dr. Len Horowitz. His opinion is not based on conspiracy theory but on conspiracy fact.

Over the past 10 years, Horowitz has become America’s most controversial medical authority. A university-trained medical researcher, Horowitz, 48, charges that elements of the United States government are conspiring with major pharmaceutical companies to make large segments of the population sick.

The mainstream media is reporting that hospital emergency rooms are jammed with patients suffering from a bizarre upper respiratory infection that doesn’t quite seem like a virus. They are reporting that it’s a “mystery” flu and that the flu vaccines are ineffective against it.


“That’s all hogwash, bogus nonsense”, says Dr. Leonard Horowitz. “The fact of the matter is, we have seen this type of an epidemic since the end of 1998 and the beginning of 1999. People have been hacking and coughing with this bizarre illness that does not seem to follow any logical viral or bacterial onset and transition period.

If it was a really bacterial or a viral infection, it would have caused a fever but it didn’t. It lasts for weeks, if not months. Sinus congestion, sinus drainage, cough, fatigue, general malaise. People have been feeling “off”. The Armed Forces Research Institute of Pathology has registered a patent for the pathogenic micoplasma that is causing the epidemic. You can see the patent report in the book, Healing Codes for the Biblical Apocalypse.


Micoplasma is not really a fungus, it’s not really a bacteria, it’s not really a virus. It has no cell wall. It goes deep into the cell nuclei thereby making it very difficult to mount an immune response against it. It’s a man-made biological weapon.The patent report explains how it causes chronic upper respiratory infections that are virtually identical to what’s going on right now.”


“I believe the chemtrails are responsible for a chemical intoxication of the public, which would then cause a general immune suppression, low grade to high grade, depending on exposure. The immune dysfunction allows people to become susceptible to opportunistic infections, such as this micoplasma and other opportunistic infections”, says Dr. Horowitz.

“I first began to investigate chemtrails when some were sprayed over my home in Northern Idaho. I took pictures of them, and then contacted the Environmental Protection Agency of the state who were clueless and referred me to the Air Force. They got me in touch with Centers for Disease Control Toxicology, and after about a week I received a letter from one of their chief toxicologists saying, indeed there was some amount of ethylene dibromide in the jet fuel.

Ethylene dibromide is a known human chemical carcinogen that was removed from unleaded gasoline because of its cancer-causing effects. Now suddenly it has appeared in the jet fuel that high-altitude military aircraft are emitting!”

Ethylene dibromide is coming out of the jet fuels that is causing immune suppression and weakening people’s immune system. Then you’ve got a micoplasma microbe or a fungus that causes an upper respiratory illness. Suddenly you develop a secondary bacterial infection. Now you get hit with ANTIBIOTICS, and the antibiotics cause your body chemistry to go acidic, so now you get rashes and other things, your liver gets full of toxins and comes out through your skin in rashes and they get hyperallergenic reactions associated with the other chemicals. I’ve got colleagues in the Bahamas, Bermuda, Toronto, British Columbia all reporting the same bizarre seeding of the atmosphere. What is going on is just despicable.

All of a sudden now you’ve got human beings completely out of balance and infected by two, three or four microbial co-factors as well as intoxicated by a variety of different chemicals… and you’ve got somebody who’s going to be chronically ill.


“The Frank Church Congressional Hearings of 1975 exposed the Central Intelligence Agency biological weapons contracting firms – Litton Bionetics and the Army Corp of Engineers who were developing and utilizing various biological weapons on populations. And this is all done under black operations, covert operations, where they get funding and congressional people are never informed really where this money is going. It’s the black budget”, says Horowitz.

“And in the contemporary warfare arena, where experts in biological chemical warfare convene and discuss the ways that are ideal to conduct warfare today, to really take an enemy out, you don’t want to kill the people. You want to produce people who are chronically illand become dependant on the state and totally sap the resources of the country. And then you can move in with your military-medical-industrial complex and your international medical-pharmaceutical cartel. Then you sell these defeated countries all of the pharmaceuticals and chemicals that they need to maintain any semblance of healthy function.

They’re completely depleted. They can’t put together a military. You create a dependence and thereby you weaken the population, and weakened populations are easy to control. So you’ve got population control, and you make vast fortunes doing it, versus just blowing up a nuclear weapon and devastating the infrastructure that you own. You and your colleagues own that infrastructure. You want to get rid of the people. You don’t want to get rid of infrastructure”


“What I’m relating to you now is not speculation. If you were to read the top experts analysis of military warfare, including The Report From Iron Mountain – the Rockefeller family is one of the major players in this conspiracy. They are one of the major players in world genocide, world population reduction. That’s no mystery anymore


When you examine who owns the chemtrail fuel, who are the fuel company directors, suddenly you enter into the realm of the Rockefeller family and the royal families – Standard Oil and British Petroleum. And what are their other agendas? Suddenly now you see their documents, showing that they have funded, historically, eugenics, racial hygiene, genocide, depopulation, family planning, maternal and child health – where they make and deliver vaccines, and contaminated blood supplies. These are the banksters, the same people who run the blood banking as well as the money banking industries”, says Dr. Horowitz.

“I reference a great book by Dr. John Coleman, who worked as a British Secret Service agent at the highest levels. And he articulated very clearly who was running those companies. It all goes back, ultimately, to the highest level of the royal family. The Bush family, Rothschild family, the Rockefeller money, and the entire Rockefeller establishment is based on Rothschild money and royal families.

If you can’t explain it rationally or any other way, I think you’ve got to begin to consider conspiracy theories and eliminate the negative label that you’ve placed on conspiracy theories which have been demonized along with wholistic medicine.”


The ruling crime families are making vast fortunes off of humanity’s suffering. The Rockefellers monopolized American medicine in the 1920s. They, along with I.G. Farben, Germany’s leading industrial organization, held the monopoly on the world’s chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


The Rockefellers and I.G. Farben worked together before World War II and during World War II. For all practical purposes, the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben were the Third Reich.

Who else is involved? The Merck Pharmaceutical Company. Their president, George W. Merck, was America’s biological weapons industry director during World War II. He was personally appointed by President Roosevelt and Secretary of War Stimson.

The Nazis planned for the New World Order. They even had a term for it – “neue Ordnung,” which means New Order, New World Order. This today, this New World Order, is the rise of the Fourth Reich. This is precisely what they envisioned and then carried out on a global scale. The goal of the Fourth Reich is population control and genocide.

99.99 percent of Masons have no clue what they’re really up to at the highest levels. they give you increased knowledge at every higher degree of Freemasonry. When you get beyond the 33rd degree, you get the highest indoctrination into what’s called the Ancient Arcana, the ancient sacred knowledge described in the book Healing Codes of the Biblical Apocalypse. That’s where the devil-doers who are running this planet are nesting.

How does a person become that high in the Masonic organization? Through bloodlines. You’ve got to be major royalty, major royalty, ideally a descendent or you’ve got to be somebody who is very close to the royalty, the major bloodlines.


Who are they targeting for genocide? If there’s an attempt underway to reduce the population of the planet, why isn’t it happening?

“Look at countries like those in Africa, Third World nations that have been heavily targeted with HIV/AIDS. And consider that 73 percent of HIV/AIDS patients in America today are Black or Hispanic. Statistically, 55 percent of gay men in America are already dead. Are you seeing depopulation specifically targeting minority groups now? Of course. It’s happening right now.

They don’t want to totally eliminate populations completely, just certain populations. And isn’t it, from their perspective, wonderful? They’ve got a covert depopulation agenda that nobody’s picked up on yet. It’s ideally what they want to produce.

It’s not just about the money. I think there’s a Satanic or evil ideology, because Nixon himself said, referring to the Rockefellers, – it’s not about money for these people, it’s about power.


At the end of the Monopoly game, what do you do? One person wins, they own all of the real estate, they own all of the assets, they’ve wiped all the other players out and the game is over. You can out the game away in your closet. But you don’t do that on planet earth.

The person who wins at the end of this World Monopoly Game gets to rearrange the board. And that’s precisely what we’ve seen in the last year. You’ve seen not the biggest fish eating the biggest fish in international commerce, you have seen the mega-whales eating the mega-whales in these mega-mergers. All these little companies that are producing your vitamins are a subsidiary of a major conglomerate. Today a Warner Lambert or Glaxo Wellcom, all of these huge, huge corporations own all the little fish. They buy them out. So, again, now the game board gets to be changed if they desire, and apparently that’s what they desire. That’s their agenda, you can see it.

At the Denver Airport, there’s a capstone, in the main terminal building dedicated to the New World Airport Commission by the Freemasons. And there’s a big colorful mural – that is dedicated to the extinct human species. And in the foreground, against the horrific backdrop of flames and destruction, there are three open coffins


STEP ONE: Detoxification.

Because we’ve all been fed Babylon’s harvest and eaten the toxic garbage that comes from Monsanto, Dow Chemical and Archer Daniel and all their genetically engineered foods and the chemicals and the fluorides and the chlorines, we need to detox. An easy detoxification program using fresh squeezed lemonade that you make with maple syrup and fresh squeezed lemons and cayenne pepper


STEP TWO: Deacidification

To change your body’s chemistry, make it more alkaline. It’s only in the acid state that the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds, and cancer, cancer cells thrive. They cannot grow in an alkaline environment. What causes your body chemistry to go acidic and become a breeding ground for the bacterial and infectious agents? Caffeine, nicotine, sugar, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, pharmaceuticals including antibiotics, red meats, stress – are the main causes. Eliminate or reduce them as much as possible.

Squeeze lemon juice into water. Lemon has a lot of calcium in it and it turns to calcium hydroxide in drinking water. That’s alkalising. It raises the PH of that water from about 7 to about 8. Hot cayenne pepper is one of the most alkalising agents you can put in your body. It detoxifies and deacidifies all in one step.

STEP THREE: Spiritual

Meditate. There’s mental, emotion, social, environmental and, above all, spiritual changes that people need to make to really prepare to withstand the plagues.

STEP FOUR: Oxygenation

The Rockefeller-directed international banksters, blood banksters and medical monopolists have been busy suppressing your immune system. You want to raise your blood oxygen levels



The Truthseeker: America ‘Dead Last’ In Education (E29)

New York City Board of Health approves mandatory flu shots for kids

New York City Board of Health approves mandatory flu shots for kids

Eyewitness News

NEW YORK (WABC) —   New York City will soon require young children who go to preschool or day care to get flu shots.  

       The Board of Health voted Wednesday in favor of the mandatory vaccine for children under 6.

Health officials say the measure will save lives. And Dr. Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control, says the measure could keep as many as 20,000 city kids from getting sick.

The initiative takes effect in 30 days. The vaccine will be required for about 150,000 children.

Parents may opt out for medical and religious reasons.


  “We estimate that 10 to 25,000 kids won’t suffer the flu because of that vaccine .  For every 100 kids under the age of 5, 40 of them will get sick in any year from the flu,” said Dr. Jay Varma, Deputy Commissioner for Disease Control for New York City.

City health officials say it will protect children and slow the spread of the virus in the entire community.  Similar mandates are already in place for children in New Jersey and Connecticut.  

  “We already require children be vaccinated against measles, mumps, whooping cough, chicken pox and this is really adding one vaccine- one we know is important,” adds Dr. Varma.

Adding one more to the list of required vaccines has some parents angry.

  “It takes away informed consent from parents and the ability of parents to make the decision as to what may be the best health choice for their family,” said Kim Mack Rosenberg, who is the mother of an autistic child.

  “The Bloomberg administration hasn’t demonstrated that it’s meant the burden it needs to enforce a mandate like this.  There’s no general public emergency and there’s no imminent threat to the public,” she said. 

Dr. Varma says, “The argument that we don’t have legal authority or that the process was flawed is incorrect.  There’s a clear and established process to establish rules like this, where public can comment.”  

During the public comment period, the city received 249 letters opposing the proposed law, but if finalized the flu vaccine would be required for children as of December 31, 2014.



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