California School District Hires Company to Spy on Students’ Facebook, Twitter Activities

Madison Ruppert
Activist Post

Southern California’s Glendale Unified School District has hired an outside company to spy on their students’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube activities, going truly above and beyond in the name of student safety.

While it’s hardly surprising to see public schools invading the privacy of their students, be it through iris scanning or forcing students to wear RFID-enabled identification cards, this is truly unusual.

Richard Sheehan, the superintendent of the Glendale district, told CBS Los Angeles that a Hermosa Beach, California company called Geo Listening is busy analyzing the online posts of some 13,000 students across eight middle and high schools in his district.

“The whole purpose is student safety,” Sheehan said. “Basically, it just monitors for keywords where if a student is considering harming themselves, harming someone else.”

The system is reportedly aimed at giving information that school administrators consider critical to their personnel as quickly as possible.

“We do monitor on and off campus, but we do pay attention during school hours,” Sheehan said to CBS Los Angeles. “We do pay more attention to the school computers.”

Geo Listening specifically markets itself to schools seeking to spy on their students, or as they put it, monitor for students “crying for help.”

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