McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets found to contain mysterious fibers, hair-like structures

Today we announce the first investigation conducted at the Natural News Forensic Food Laboratory, the new science-based research  branch of Natural News where we put foods under the microscope and find out  what’s really there.
Earlier today I purchased a 10-piece Chicken  McNuggets from a McDonald’s restaurant in Austin, Texas. Under carefully  controlled conditions, I then examined the Chicken McNuggets under a  high-powered digital microscope, expecting to see only processed chicken bits  and a fried outer coating.
But what I found instead shocked even me. I’ve  seen a lot of weird stuff in my decade of investigating foods and nutrition, but  I never expected to find this…

Strange fibers found embedded inside Chicken McNuggets

As the following  photos show, the Chicken McNuggets were found to contain strange fibers  that some people might say even resemble so-called “Morgellon’s.”
We  found dark black hair-like structures sticking out of the nugget mass, as  well as light blue egg-shaped structures with attached tail-like hairs or  fibers.
These are shown in extreme detail in the photos below, taken on  August 15, 2013 at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. The actual Chicken  McNugget samples used in these photos have been frozen for storage of forensic  evidence.
We also found odd red coloring splotches in several locations,  as well as a spherical green object that resembles algae.
We are not  claiming or implying that these objects in any way make McDonald’s Chicken  McNuggets unsafe to consume. We do, however, believe that this visual  evidence may warrant an FDA investigation into the ingredient composition of  Chicken McNuggets.
In particular, where are the hair-like structures  coming from? This is especially important to answer, given that chickens do  not have hair. Is there cross-species contamination in the processing of Chicken  McNuggets? This question needs to be answered.  (NaturalNews)

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