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5 Natural Antibiotic Solutions for Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

5 Natural Antibiotic Solutions for Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Our dependence on antibiotics has helped us to create some monsters—these monsters are antibiotic-resistant infections like superbugs being transmitted in hospitals, certain strains of E coli., and MRSA. The infections, if you went the traditional route, would be hard (if not impossible) to kill. But, there are foods that act as natural antibiotics that may prove effective where modern medicine is failing.

As a whole, doctors have been prescribing antibiotics at the slightest sign of illness, even for things they simply won’t help like the common cold. These prescriptions have been routinely handed out like candy despite the fact that illness, including common infections, can be successfully treated with a healthy immune system and a few natural helpers. All of this over-prescribing has led the bacteria which causes these illnesses to morph, evolving in the interest of self-preservation, into strains that will not be stopped with antibiotics, even those antibiotics largely considered to be the last resort.

It might be time to try some natural alternatives – and stick with them.

5 Natural Antibiotics

You need foods, natural foods that will help foster a healthy immune system while annihilating bacterial invaders. Fortunately, there are several solutions that may just be in your kitchen right now.

  • Garlic – Garlic has known antibacterial, antifungal, and even antiviral properties. It has successfully be used to treat infectious diseases like pneumonia, MRSA, and even the black plague. It can also kill intestinal parasites—which can wreak havoc on your immune system.
  • Echinacea – People usually reach for the Echinacea tea to ward off a cold or the flu, but this powerful herb is a known infection-buster as well. The herb fights infections by strengthening the body’s own defense system, helping you to fight the bacteria rather than just coming in and killing everything in sight (like Big Pharma’s antibiotics).
  • Honey – Honey is a well known food harnessing antibacterial properties (along with a bunch of other beneficial properties). One study published in the journal Microbiology found that honey – particularly that derived from bees foraging on manuka flowers – halted one type of streptococcus pyogenes from inhibiting the healing of wounds. Other research shows that honey could be a potent answer to drug resistant bacteria like MRSA. Honey is a great natural antibiotic.
  • Turmeric – The bright yellow spice that gives curries their rich color and smoky flavor, turmeric is far more than a culinary tool—it has amazing healing properties. MRSA typically forms in wounds or boils. Turmeric acts as an antibacterial agent and can be taken internally or applied directly to the skin. Try making turmeric into a paste by adding water or even manduka honey and applying to the infection.
  • Oregano –Oregano, and specifically oil of oregano, has potent antibacterial and infection-fighting properties. One study in particular found these properties to be as effective as antibiotics and offering great promise particularly in the fight against antibiotic-resistant infection. You can find this oil in health food stores or you can make your own.

The body is a miraculous machine and when properly maintained, it will fight off infections without assistance. Even when an extra boost is needed, we needn’t run to the doctor for a prescription. Instead, rely on natural antibiotics and healers to help maintain optimal health.

Facing overcrowded prisons, US wants to cut drug sentences

Facing overcrowded prisons, US wants to cut drug sentences

US prisons are operating at 40 percent above capacity, with half of all inmates locked up for drug-related crimes. Attorney General Eric Holder has proposed changes to the criminal justice system that would reduce sentences for non-violent crimes.

In an announcement scheduled for delivery on Monday, Holder outlined a plan to free up prisons and keep non-violent drug offenders from ending up in jail cells. Under a major policy shift, federal prosecutors will no longer push for “mandatory minimum” sentences for low-level drug offenders, and will instead send more people to drug treatment and community service programs. Additionally, Holder wants prisons to release elderly, non-violent offenders.

“Too many Americans go to too many prisons for far too long, and for no good law enforcement reason,” Holder said in his speech, which was released in advance of his 1 p.m. ET delivery at the American Bar Association in San Francisco. “While the aggressive enforcement of federal criminal statutes remains necessary, we cannot simply prosecute or incarcerate our way to becoming a safer nation.”

In his speech, Holder reflected a view long held by civil rights groups that have advocated for lesser sentences for non-violent crimes, claiming that the long prison terms have prevented low-income and minority communities from advancing. Mirroring that view, Holder said that “a vicious cycle of poverty, criminality and incarceration traps too many Americans and weakens too many communities” and that “many aspects of our criminal justice system may actually exacerbate this problem, rather than alleviate it.”

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