Study Finds 48% of Fountain Sodas Contaminated

A new study from Hollins University tested 90 beverages from 30 fountains, and found that 48% of the sodas were contaminated with coliform bacteria. Coliform bacteria is a form of fecal contamination, and could stem from a number of sources. Whether the hygiene of the workers is to blame or not, the heavy contamination of soda fountains is still prevalent.

“You can get collections of bacteria in the water line and that then runs through the whole machine and gets in to the beverage. Any time any water or liquid sits somewhere, it’s just a breeding ground for bacteria,” commented Primary Care Physician Dr. Alanna Levine.

Even more disturbing is the fact that the bacteria was also found to be resistant to antibiotics, meaning it could actually be quite harmful if consumed. Most people might only respond with a stomach ache or flu-like symptoms, there is still room for potential harm. If you are already sick, or have a compromised immune system, then there could be a reason to be concerned.

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