Let me start of by saying that I LOVE music.  I’ve been a music lover since birth.  My love for music crosses all genre’s as I can always find a dope beat or lyrics that fit a situation just perfectly.

It was almost 2am and I should have been asleep, but I wanted to listen to something that I could just sit back and relax to.  I didn’t want to hear all of the typical booty shaking music, nor did I want to be verbally insulted.   I wanted to hear something that would relax all of my senses and get me ready for the late night festivities.   I wanted to listen to something smooth like the glass of Malvasia I was slowly sipping on.  I am not sure how exactly I came across him, but I found him and his music was exactly what I needed.  His name is DJ SPECIAL DARK (http://www.soundcloud.com/DJSPECIALDARK. Let me tell you, he is definitely someone worth searching out to hear one of his mixes.   As I listened to his music, I knew that he was a rarity.  His ear for music is absolutely amazing!  I laid back on my couch with my eyes closed and listened to the Mellow Mix.  The music selection and blends were damn near perfect.  I felt like I had my own personal DJ, playing every song I wanted to hear right there in my living room with me.  It was crazy because with each upcoming song, I felt more and more like he was playing these songs for me.  It was almost 40 minutes of pure smooth groves and by the end up the mix, I knew I had found my go to man when I needed to hear something to put me in a zone…..

Wherever you are DJ Special Dark, know you have won me over……….

Check him out @DJSPECIALDARK